Seated App Review: Earn $10-50 Every Time You Dine Out


Earn Amazing Rewards as You Book a Restaurant Through Seated!

Did you know that you could get rewarded just for dining out? Even though it may sound to good to be true, it really does work. Every reservation I made with this app has earned me between $15-$50 in Amazon, Starbucks or Lyft credit. All you do is browse through restaurants, pick one, make a reservation, pocket the credits, and enjoy your meal!

Worthiness Quotient

The Seated app helps you identify new restaurants worth trying out and ease your decision making process when you have so many dining choices available. With more than 3,000 enrolled restaurants to choose from across 15 cities in the US, you need all the help you can get in picking the right one.

The restaurants listed on Seated are screened and required to sustain a four-star rating at a minimum. (Failure to do this can lead to de-listing). For me, that serves as a reassurance that I can’t really go terribly wrong when I want to try a new restaurant through Seated.

Ease of Use

I downloaded the free Seated app from iTunes, but it is also available from Google Play. Once downloaded, it prompted me to use my Facebook account to sign in and choose the reward. (You can switch between reward options later if you wish).

I could see a list of popular restaurants in my area on the home screen. Thereafter, moving to the Explore page, I quickly shortlisted restaurants based on availability, price, and location.

Incentives are Compelling

When it comes to rewards or incentives, Seated decisively scores higher than its competitors. For instance, while OpenTable has a much larger network of restaurants spread globally, the rewards are just not as lucrative, with one reservation bringing in only 100 points. It is peanuts when you consider that you need to earn 2,000 points to get you a $10 gift card at a restaurant. With Seated, earning up to $50 in credit PER VISIT is a no brainer.

Another bonus, is if you collect credit card points, using the right card allows you to double and triple dip since you pay like normal at the restaurant.

The Process

Reservations via Seated can be made up to one month in advance. Also, in remaining true to its intended purpose of encouraging discovery, Seated lets you book the same restaurant a maximum of two times per month.

The minimum spending limits as well as the rewards vary with restaurant and the number of people in the party but in my experience, they have all been reasonable minimums with generous rewards.

The details are all clearly outlined before completing your first reservation. At the scheduled time, I just headed to the restaurant and gave my name without having to mention that the reservation was done through Seated. There is no option for changing reservations, but it is possible to cancel and rebook. But remember that too many no-shows can lead to your account being suspended.

There is also an option to split the bill if required and taxes and tips are excluded from the minimum spend. I have paid for the dinners with the same credit card that was linked to Seated. I also saw that the new version allows you to upload a photo of your receipt which is nice if you don’t want to share your credit card info. This helps the app track and verify that the minimum spend requirement is fulfilled.

The reward notifications are sent within a day or two after the scheduled reservation via phone as well as e-mail (if you have not opted out).

Seated has plans for expansion and will cover 50 cities across the country this year. Based on my experience, I give it a resolute thumbs-up. I’ve earned around $155 with 8 reservations, which were all hassle-free.

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