Warby Parker: How I’m Buying Glasses From Now On


Warby Parker Review

An eye condition aggravated by my contact lenses over the past couple of months had me looking for a new pair of glasses. My old glasses were pretty worn-out, and then a friend told me about Warby Parker. When I checked it out online, I came across a rate of $98 inclusive of lenses. The price appeared too good to be true, so I decided to find more about Warby Parker.

My research showed that Warby Parker works with the aim of providing affordable yet fashionable glasses while challenging the major players who have traditionally reigned in the industry. Most of the feedback about the company from my friend and from Google described the company in glowing terms which after my experience have come to see why.

I still had my reservations about purchasing prescription eyeglasses online. I usually prefer to get my glasses from an optometrist, but the interactive and engaging Warby Parker website had me hooked.

Online Experience

Once you are on their site, it will begin with some questions about your face (like its size and shape), the kind of frames you prefer, colors, materials, and so on. Then you will be directed to a web page that lists some selections based on your inputs.

Their FAQ section also has a segment on the basic features to check for when seeking glasses with just the right fit. These suggestions and feedback proved helpful to me in making my choice. Using my eye doctor’s prescription, I placed my order. My choice was the 1.66 high index lenses and it cost me an extra $25 bringing the total to $123. Yet, this was less than half of what I would have paid at an optical office or a big store.

Warby Parker also has some physical stores in the US where you can try on the glasses in person. You can also get an eye exam at the store. The home try-on program is also pretty efficient. You choose your glasses online and get to try them on at home free of charge (they will not even charge you for shipping)! You pick the one you like and send the rest back.

But when you buy online, how do you figure out which frame suits you best? The company suggests that you post photographs online with their hashtag and you ask for feedback from your near and dear ones. Combine that feedback with your judgment, and you will discover the frame that is just right for you.

What if the glasses don’t fit?

My glasses were shipped within two days of placing the online order just in time to watch the new Horrible Bosses or Transformers movie and even those amazing episodes of Breaking Bad and 24. When they arrived, my frames were a bit loose. But as I live close to a Warby Parker store, I took them for an adjustment and it took about five minutes in all, and the glasses were a perfect fit!

In case, you do not reside near a Warby Parker store, you are free to get your glasses adjusted at a place of your choice. The company will reimburse you the cost, if there is one, up to a $50 limit.

It’s been a few weeks since I started wearing my Warby Parker glasses and I couldn’t be happier with them. What’s there to not like about its stylish looks, comfortable feel, and a stellar price! Since the lenses are slightly thinner than my previous pair my face looks less distorted.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the whole experience and plan to buy all my future glasses from Warby Parker. I also noticed they have Warby Parker sunglasses I am planning to get as Summer rolls around.

Try Warby Parker for yourself with the Warby Parker Home Try-On Program or Browse Warby Parker styles today.

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