My Pillow Review: Sleep Within Reach


For a while now, MyPillow ads have rained on television and radio channels. It is likely that you have heard of MyPillow without even consciously realizing it. Fascinated by their ads, I recently bought a pair from their online store.

The brand’s patented three-piece interlocking fill is what impressed me instantly. With this technology, the pillow adapts to your sleep requirements irrespective of the position you sleep in. MyPillow keeps adjusting as I sleep to ensure that my head remains in a neutral position all along. The right posture helps me fall asleep easily and stay asleep for a longer time without any neck or back discomfort through the night.

You can customize MyPillow to suit your personal requirements. The fitting guide uses your t-shirt size to help you find the best pillow. I found this a helpful aid in picking the perfect pillow before placing my order.

You do have to buy two pillows at a time when you order on MyPillow. I don’t love that you have to but found this condition acceptable because I would certainly prefer two pillows of the same type on my bed and even if I could have bought only one, would have returned to buy a second after my wife inevitably would have stolen mine. We decided on a blue colored one and a white one. The blue pillow is larger and thicker to suit my needs, while the white one is slimmer and lighter for my wife.

MyPillow was comfortable right away, and we could easily adjust to the pillows and faced no issue in falling asleep. As promised, the pillows stayed cool and I did not experience sweating as I used to with my previous pillow.

I read somewhere that MyPillow is the official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation. Manufactured in the US, it is available for purchase online anywhere in the country. This washable and dryable pillow can help you get a good night’s rest and you will wake up without any neck or back pain. However, please note that is not an anti-snoring pillow.

Other Benefits

Reasonable Price for Great Comfort: MyPillow falls in a moderate price range and offers superior comfort.

Effortless Maintenance: Thinking of whether the pillow is clean can cause a sleepless night. But MyPillow can be washed and dried in a machine for which I give it major points.

Supported by a Solid Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty: A 60-day “Money-back Guarantee” gives you enough time to determine whether the pillow is right for you. You can get back your full purchase price (minus shipping charges) within 60 days of buying it without any questions asked.

MyPillow also offers a 10-year limited warranty on workmanship and material defects. This means that if your pillow flattens out any time during this period, MyPillow will replace it for you with an equivalent or higher priced one. Shipping charges are covered as well and it doesn’t really matter how many times the pillow has been washed.

Given its affordable price and solid guarantee and warranty, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try out this pillow to get your quota of restful sleep each night. And if you are not happy, you can simply send it back within the 60-day money-back guarantee period.

Try MyPillow yourself today!

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