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Grammarly Review

I used to agonize over proofreading my own writing (from reports to emails to letters) – until I stumbled upon Grammarly. Grammarly is widely recognized as the most accurate of all grammar checkers.

It can correct hundreds of mistakes in your written English text. On top of this, it has many interesting features that will help fine-tune your grammar and vocabulary. The best part is that most of these features are free.

What about Paid Subscription?

You can obtain a monthly subscription to Grammarly at $29 or press the button (pun intended) for a quarterly or annual subscription as I do. Choosing an annual or quarterly subscription will get you a discount which brings the cost down to just of $11 a month.

Example of Grammarly suggestion

In my experienced, the premium version of Grammarly offers more features than any other grammar checking tool on the internet. Apart from identifying and correcting grammatical inaccuracies in your work, the site functions as a useful study aid providing you comprehensive information about each mistake.

User-friendly Tool

You may use Grammarly with an online dashboard that operates similar to Google Docs, or you can use it with Microsoft Office. Another alternative is to install the Grammarly plugin in your Google Chrome browser, and log in through the browser.

The user-friendly dashboard of this grammar checker lets you open a new document and you can simply start writing. Alternatively, you can copy-paste your written text into a new document on the dashboard for analysis.

Once the check is completed, you will see grammar mistakes underlined just as in Word program. There will also be a thorough explanation about why these errors occurred.

Grammarly Example

You also have the option to choose a plug-in for Word. (I use Scrivener for most of my writing, so I haven’t tried the Grammarly Microsoft Office plug-in.)

How helpful it really is?

Very helpful! When you clicking on the arrow where an error shows up, it will take you to an explanation and possible solutions you could use.

With the help of Grammarly, I am typically able to correct:

  • Simple mistakes such as misplaced apostrophes
  • Confused prepositions
  • Excessive use of passive voice
  • Sentences with too many words
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Repetitive words

And that’s not all. Using Grammarly has helped me realize that I’m in the habit of concluding sentences with prepositions, which is not a good thing.

Another of my mistakes is the use of squinting modifiers. Awareness about these issues has allowed me to get a grasp of the finer points of grammar and polish my writing.

Grammarly Text

Although there are grammar checkers built into Word as well as Scrivener and Pages, these tools are unable to pinpoint many of these errors in my writing. My writing skills, which probably stagnated for decades, have dramatically improved over the past two years.

Grammarly supports multiple document types and you can categorize each one as an article, a report, an email, a white paper, and so on. The plagiarism checker on Grammarly can also be very handy if you write academic papers or need to review someone else’s work.

Key Takeaway

Grammarly might not be a tool for people with a flawless command over written English. But it can be beneficial (and also affordable) for almost anyone else who likes to write grammatically impeccable English.

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