Tortuga Travel Backpack Review: Your Companion For Urban Travel


I want my backpack to hold everything that I am going to need for my trip without wearing me down. While most backpacks we see out there are designed for backcountry traveling or hiking (and some of them are really good), they are not ideal companions for urban travel.

Tortuga Travel Backpack has been designed to perfection to meet your city travel needs. What I like best about them is their sleek and understated design, unlike hiking backpacks that are typically loud and brightly colored. We don’t need to attract attention that way when we are already in the midst of human traffic.

Ideally Sized for Air Travel

The 44L Tortuga is designed keeping airline cabin baggage size limitations in mind (most airlines would let you carry 45L maximum). Its oblong design increases the storage, is easy to pack, and just about effortless to carry on your travels.

Dimensions: 44 liters; 22 x 14 x 9 inches

Material: 100% Nylon

Suitcase-style Front-loading

The main zippered section on the backpack opens up like a suitcase. It not only makes it easier for you to access your stuff without pulling everything out, but also gives you much more packing space. Front loading is so much more convenient and practical for city travel and I definitely prefer that. Tortuga Travel Backpack gives you all that and more!

Resilient Hip Belt

So many people underestimate the importance of a well-padded hip belt. They are vital to ensure an even distribution of the bag’s weight from your shoulders and back to your hips. Tortuga gives you this feature on your carry-on backpack with adequate padding on shoulder straps and hip belt. Even though its suspension system isn’t the best out there, it is a fairly well-designed backpack that does the job.

Unlike watching Thor III (so Thor cannot take on 10 guys or break himself out of a net?) or Guardian of the Galaxy II (the villain was not credible and the ending was not suspenseful) – wow – those movies were disappointing but this is another topic!

Zip those Straps

I like the fact that Tortuga backpack has been designed with some creative thinking. You can zip all its straps behind a cover and protect them from getting damaged when on an airport conveyor belt, in case you want to check the backpack in.

Solid Handles

Weak handles can be a deal breaker, trust me! They may seem unimportant but they come in handy when you want to carry your bag through tight aisles in a bus, train, or airplane.

Laptop Sleeve

The backpack also gives you a fleece-lined compartment to safely store your laptop at the back of your bag and proper distribution of weight. It can fit a 17-inch laptop with ease and provides enough padding to keep it shock-proof during bumpy travel.

External and Internal Pockets

There is a pocket on each side of the hip belt for easy access, water bottle pocket on both sides and an external pocket. The main pocket outside can be used to stow books or even a jacket for long flights. It even expands a little, allowing you to stuff more things in there.

The two mesh pockets inside the flap give you extra space to store stuff. Inside the case, there are two more zippered pockets that can be clipped together to form a compression strap. This prevents your clothes and other things from shifting around too much as you move.

Lockable Zippers

I feel safer when I am able to lock my backpack with a combination lock to dissuade pickpockets from even trying their art on me. All three sections in the Tortuga Travel Backpack can be locked.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, I believe this is a fantastic bag and works perfectly for backpacking. Its thoughtful and innovative design makes it the perfect companion for all your domestic and international urban travel.

Tortuga Backpacks Website

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