Sun Basket- Organic, Easy, and Healthy Eating


When the package from Sun Basket arrived on the door step, my first thought was, “that was some of the easiest grocery shopping I have ever done” The idea that I could place and order for a meal and have all of the ingredients, located and pre-measured, delivered straight to my door is amazing. I was slightly concerned about how they maintained temperature throughout the journey, but was relived to find not only everything cold as it should be, but that they use a non-toxic ice pack made of cotton and water.

After selecting my meal choices the week before, I had been eagerly anticipated the opportunity to make them. As part of our family’s resolution to eat healthier, Sun Basket’s organic commitment and low carb options were ideal for our family.

I started with the Sole and roasted broccoli and was pleasantly surprised with how much easier it was to cook when you have all the ingredients laid out right in front of you. I know, mise en place, but I this was that already done for you, measureed and everything, just unpack and go.

One side benefit to Sun Basket is the way you are forced to explore new foods and ways to make them. I was amazed at how some of the simple instructions and ingredients changed the way I will make broccoli from here on out.

So far, everything I have gotten from Sun Basket has been fantastic and I look forward to many for meals from them to come.

If you would like to try out Sun Basket for yourself, just use this link and get up to 50% off your first order!

The author Danielle